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Voice of the Guns gallery

Discover spectacular artillery in our Voice of the Guns gallery. Learn about how artillery has shaped world history for over 500 years.

Explore the technological developments in artillery that have often made the difference between victory and defeat. Find guns, both large and small, from across the centuries.

Amongst our display is part of the enormous Iraqi Supergun This controversial weapon was so large that only a small section of it is shown, angled across two floors. It was commissioned by Saddam Hussein, constructed in the UK and seized by HM Customs & Excise.

How to find the gallery

  • The Royal Armouries is committed to providing appropriate facilities for our visitors with disabilities or special needs.

  • The Royal Armouries museum at Fort Nelson offers a range of facilities: shop, cafe, corporate hire, and caters for group visits and the needs of visitors with disabilities.

  • The history of Fort Nelson, from its origin as one of Palmerston’s Forts to the present day as the home of the Royal Armouries national artillery collection.

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