Royal Armouries
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Daily Activities: Wednesday 14 February 2018

Wednesday 14 February 2018. Happy Valentine's Day!


Second World War: Moondrop to France

Hear the thrilling tale of the Special Operations executive and how women were trained in secret to go behind enemy lines to help prepare for D-day.

Floor 3, War Gallery, Observation Post


Georgian: Masters of the Duel

This Valentine’s Day watch our two heart-throb fighters… as they demonstrate late 18th century sword techniques for sport and self-defense (and defending the honour of your beloved!)

Floor 4, Oriental Gallery, Dojo


Seventeenth Century: The Mistress of the Sword

Watch the exciting adventures of France’s legendary female fencer!

Floor 4, Oriental Gallery, Dojo


Ancient History: Queen of the Brigantes

Hear the epic story of Queen Cartimandua, a tale coloured with political intrigue.

Floor 2, War Gallery, Stage


Twentieth Century: Suffrajitsu

Watch as our team take you through some of the moves and techniques the Suffragettes used to protect themselves.

Floor 4, Oriental Gallery, Dojo


Middle Ages: Joan of Arc in Combat

Famous for leading the French Army clad in full armour, come and watch as our modern day Joan is put through her paces.

Floor 2, Tournament Gallery, Ring