Royal Armouries
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Spring Into Action

Daily Activities: Friday 19 May 2017

Friday 19 May 2017


First World War: Bullets, Blades & Battle Bowlers Tour

Discover the greatest tournament in sporting history in the reign King Henry VIII.

Floor 3, War Gallery, First World War Section


Second World War: S.O.E.: Lessons in Ungentlemanly Warfare 1940-46

Learn about the dirty tactics of British spies in the Second World War.

Observation Post, Floor 3


South Asia: Indian Treasures

Explore the history behind some of the most fascinating objects in the Oriental gallery.

Floor 4, Oriental Gallery, Picnic Space


The American West: Jesse James 1847-1882

Hear the true story of one of America’s legendary outlaws, told in the words of a friend who turned against him.

Floor 4, Hunting Gallery, Gun Room