Royal Armouries
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Daily Activities: Friday 13 October 2017

Friday 13 October 2017. Buy your tickets online now for our special Museums at Night Halloween event 'What's My Afterlife'!


Georgians: Victory at Plassey 1757

Learn how a single military victory in Bengal changed the balance of power in India for the next hundred years.

Floor 2, War Gallery, Stage


Tudors: Court of Henry VIII 1491-1547 Tour

Explore stories of Henrys first marriage through our Tudor collection.

Floor 2, Tournament Gallery, Big Screen


Middle Ages: Two Handed Sword Combat 1400s

Watch our Men-at-Arms battle as they demonstrate medieval combat techniques.

Floor 2, Tournament Gallery, Ring


First World War: Elsie Knocker 1914-1918

Hear the story of one womans courage on the front line during the war.

Floor 4, Hunting Gallery, Gun Room


Second World War: The Chindits 1943

Hear the story of one the most audacious raids deep behind lines.

Floor 2, War Gallery, Stage


English Civil War: Royalists and Rebels 1642-51 Tour

Learn about warfare during England’s deadliest internal conflict.

Floor 2, War Gallery, Fireplace


The American West: Jesse James 1847-1882

Hear the true story of one of Americas legendary outlaws, told in the words of a friend who turned against him.

Floor 4, Hunting Gallery, Gun Room