Royal Armouries
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Daily Activities: Friday 12 January 2018

Friday 12 January 2018


Far East: Swords of Ancient China

Learn the secrets behind four thousand years of Chinese sword making and handle a range of replica weapons.

Floor 3, War Gallery, Observation Post


Second World War: S.O.E.: Lessons in Ungentlemanly Warfare 1940-46

Learn about the dirty tactics of British spies in the Second World War.

Observation Post, Floor 3


Tudors: Court of Henry VIII 1491-1547 Tour

Explore stories of Henrys first marriage through our Tudor collection.

Floor 2, Tournament Gallery, Big Screen


Mastering Arms: Dueling in the 1800s

See our fighters in training with European small sword and epee.

Floor 4, Oriental Gallery, Dojo


First World War: Trench Warfare 1914-18

Explore the tactics of the trench fighting through a selection of weaponry from the period.

Floor 3, War Gallery, Observation Post


Middle Ages: Agincourt 1415

Hear an English archer as he recounts his role in the famous battle.

Floor 2, War Gallery, Stage.


English Civil War: Royalists and Rebels 1642-51 Tour

Learn about warfare during England’s deadliest internal conflict.

Floor 2, War Gallery, Fireplace