Royal Armouries
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Daily Activities: 14 January 2018

Sunday 14 January 2018 Today we have a BSL Interpreter joining the team, he will be in the museum all day signing our daily performances.


The American West: Firearms 1850-1900

Discover the objects that were used in the American Frontier.

Floor 4, Hunting Gallery, Gun Room


Far East: Terracotta Warriors, 209 BCE

Discover how the first Emperor of China built the army he would be buried with, one of the most spectacular finds in world archaeology.

Floor 4, Oriental Gallery


Middle Ages: Two Handed Sword Combat 1400s

Watch our Men-at-Arms battle as they demonstrate medieval combat techniques.

Floor 2, Tournament Gallery, Ring


Second World War: D-Day Landings, 1944

Come and see one of our team members put the finishing touches to an acted piece based on true accounts of the D-Day landings.

Floor 2, War Gallery, War Stage


The Charge of the Winged Hussars: The Gates of Vienna 1683

Hear a Polish Winged Hussar, resplendent in his unique armour, recount the regiment’s greatest day! A day that changed the future for the whole of Europe.

Floor 2, War Gallery, Stage


First World War: Somme Mud, 1916

Hear about the first day of the battle of the Somme, told using first-hand accounts.

Floor 2, War Gallery, Stage


Normans: Hastings 1066

Hear a Norman warrior tell the story of the famous battle that changed the course of English history.

Floor 2, War Gallery, Stage.