Henry VIII’s Tonlet Armour

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Recognised as one of the finest museums of arms and armour in the world, Royal Armouries holds in trust for the nation one of the greatest and most comprehensive collections ever assembled – a treasure of international importance.

This magnificent collection is housed in three museums: its original home in the iconic White Tower at the Tower of London; our flagship museum in Leeds; and Fort Nelson, a Victorian Fort in Hampshire which displays our extensive artillery collection.

As a national museum Royal Armouries has a duty to preserve and share its collections, interpret them for as wide an audience as possible and ensure that our millions of visitors are entertained.

Now you can be part of our future by helping us to pursue new and exciting projects, not only in the UK but across the world. As a supporter or partner of the Royal Armouries you can access a range of unique opportunities; from behind-the-scenes access and the chance to handle some of the nation’s greatest treasures, to exclusive invitations to events, exhibitions and private views.

To find out how you can help us to care for one of the world’s greatest collections and play your role in our future, please contact:

Claire Cox
Head of Development
Royal Armouries

T: 0113 220 1977
E: claire.cox@armouries.org.uk

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Did you know?

Guns and arrows

The first European picture of a firearm shows it shooting an arrow.

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