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Meet team USA

Representing team USA at our annual International Jousting tournament is Jeff Sanders and Jeffrey Wasson.

Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders is a 6th generation professional horseman and has competed successfully in international jousting tournaments throughout the United States.

Jeff Sanders in armour on horseback


Show no mercy to evil

By day

Jeff is a Californian vaquero who still occasionally works on ranches but these days spends most of his time travelling the world and teaching horsemanship and cattle-handling. He is a former police officer and military instructor with experience in law enforcement special operations.

By night

Jeff began his jousting career in 2004 in California with The Knights of the Azure Cross. For several years he ran his own jousting company, The Knights of the Crimson Rose, and has competed successfully in international jousting tournaments throughout the United States. Jeff is a practising martial artist and recreates historical horsemanship and equestrian combats.

Jeffrey Wasson

Jeffrey has been jousting for 16 years and has travelled the world to participate in tournaments in Belgium, France, Canada, Australia, and of course the USA. This is his first time jousting in England.

Jeffrey Wasson in armour on horseback


Rather by skill than by force

By day

Jeffrey is a renowned armourer whose clients include museums, jousters, reenactors and collectors from around the world. He is also an educator, teaching college metalworking classes and running armour workshops out of his studio in New York City. Jeffrey also fabricates props for TV and movies.

By night

Fascinated by knights from an early age, as a teenager he made his own armour and joined a medieval club where they fought in armour on foot. When the opportunity came to wear his armour in the saddle, he jumped at the chance and never looked back.

Over the bank holiday weekend, jousters from team Canada, team Poland, team USA,  and the Royal Armouries own team UK will compete for the coveted Sword of Honour and prestigious Queen’s Jubilee Trophy in a weekend of events.

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