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Meet team UK

Representing team UK at our annual International Jousting tournament is Andy Deane and Mike Collin.

Andy Deane

Andy has competed at the Royal Armouries tournament for over twenty years, winning the team trophy an impressive seven times and the individual trophy twice.

Andy Deane in armour on horseback


It’s not the years, it’s the mileage

By day

Andy is the Living History Officer at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. He has been a key member of the museum’s live interpretation team for over 20 years. Andy uses his combat and performance skills every day to bring history to life for our visitors.

By night

At 54, Andy really is too old and broken to still be jousting. He should be putting his feet up and looking back on a glittering tournament career. He’s successfully represented the Royal Armouries in tournaments all around the world and whatever the challenge – even advancing years – there’s no keeping this action man down.

Mike Collin

Mike has competed internationally at tournaments in the UK and France, but this tournament will mark his debut at the Royal Armouries.

Mike Collin on horseback


For Julie

By day

Mike is a stunt rider and actor. He has worked with horses in film and TV for over 10 years, with credits for Robin Hood, War Horse, King Arthur, Game of Thrones, Victoria, Poldark and The Crown to name a few.

Mike holds a Guinness World Record for the most dismounts and mounts of a cantering horse in 30 seconds, which he achieved right here in the Royal Armouries’ tiltyard for CBBC’s Officially Amazing.

By night

Mike competed nationally in show jumping, dressage and cross country for many years before turning his hand to jousting and stunt-riding. Since 2016 he has taken part in tournaments in the UK and France.

Over the bank holiday weekend, jousters from team Canada, team Poland, team USA,  and the Royal Armouries own team UK will compete for the coveted Sword of Honour and prestigious Queen’s Jubilee Trophy in a weekend of events.

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