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Meet team Poland

Representing team Poland at our annual International Jousting tournament is Michael Ruda and Piotr Rydzewski.

Michael Ruda

knight on horseback

Michael is an experienced jouster and competes regularly in skill-at-arms and foot combat contests as well as jousting.


Life is a battle

By day

For over 25 years Michaeł has been working on a project to restore Gniew Castle in Poland. As the owner of Poczet Husarski he organizes living history events and tournaments, and also runs the School of Historic Horsemanship at the castle.

By night

He is a regular competitor in the King John III Tournament at Gniew castle. He is also deputy commander of the Winged Hussars, Banner of the Office of the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship, one of Poland’s leading historical interpretation societies, showcasing 17th-century Polish cavalry.

Piotr Rydzewski

knight on horseback

Piotr has jousted competitively all over the world and has many prestigious trophies to his name.


This horn is not calling the dogs

By day

Piotr is a senior IT analyst and lives in Warsaw. With a full time job, a wife and young family, it is sometimes hard to find time for his historical interests.

By night

In 2000 he joined a re-enactment society and mastered 17th-century Polish sabre fencing. His tournament career has progressed from serving as a squire and foot soldier to fully-fledged knight.

He is also a member of Poland’s largest mounted re-enactment group Xiażęca Drużyna, and has competed in jousting events across Europe. In 2017 his team won the Arundel Team Joust and reached the final in 2018.

Over the bank holiday weekend, jousters from team Canada, team Poland, team USA,  and the Royal Armouries own team UK will compete for the coveted Sword of Honour and prestigious Queen’s Jubilee Trophy in a weekend of events.

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