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Ordnance Society

From 18 March 2020 the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds and Fort Nelson will be closed to visitors until further notice. Consequently, all club and society meetings are suspended until further notice.

The Ordnance Society was formed in 1986 by a group of enthusiasts, scholars and museum professionals.

Ordnance was seen by some as somewhat peripheral to the rest of arms & armour studies, for which an excellent society already existed. The technicalities of ordnance history were not always fully understood by military historians; the study of artillery remained in some obscurity.

The formation of the Ordnance Society was intended therefore to promote, encourage and coordinate the study of all aspects of the history of ordnance and artillery. It was also to give members opportunities to meet and to exchange ideas and knowledge. It is an international society with members in eleven countries.

The Society publishes a highly respected Journal annually and back copies are available – £10 (£15 to non-members)

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