Knights jousting over the barrier in the Tiltyard


The tiltyard is our outdoor space where visitors can catch live shows of military and sporting skill-at-arms. Shows are provided as part of our wider events programme, and include jousting, archery, falconry, and horse shows.

Though we no longer have our own horses, we still host an annual jousting contest each year, with competitors from all over the world. Find out more about our 2017 joust on its event page.

All forthcoming live shows are listed on our events calendar.

Useful information

  • Terms and conditions covering the sale of tickets to events held in the Arena of the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds.

  • See how tournaments developed over hundreds of years, and the armours used for foot combat, jousting and for horses.

Did you know?

First commercial steel melting

Benjamin Huntsman of Sheffield is widely credited with the first commercial melting of steel in around 1740, using his crucible process. However, the melting of steel had long been practiced in central Asia and India and was known as Damascus steel.