Visitor in a wheelchair engaged in craft activities and two elderly visitors handling objects

Visitors with disabilities

The Royal Armouries welcomes visitors with disabilities and hopes that you find your day with us an enjoyable and memorable occasion. We value your visit and your viewpoints on the services that we provide.

Drop-off point

There is a drop-off point, close to the disabled parking spaces, 100 metres from the Museum entrance across Armouries Square which is an open, level, paved area. Access to the museum entrance from the disabled parking spaces is step free.

At the door

The main entrance to the Museum has two sets of automatic doors. Immediately inside the Museum to the right is an adapted toilet with baby-changing facilities, and on the left is the Nelson Bistro, which also has an adapted toilet.

Information desk

The Information Desk is located 60 metres from the main entrance at the end of the entrance hall next to the Hall of Steel and the gallery lifts. A member of staff will welcome you and provide you with an information sheet with a list of the day’s activities and a map of the museum. They will also be happy to help with any requests.

Access to galleries

The galleries are on the upper four floors of the Museum and are accessible via the lifts next to the Information Desk. Lifts are fitted with audio announcements, handrails, and operation buttons at the rear of the lift at a height suitable for wheelchair users.

Access to the Tiltyard

The Tiltyard is an outdoor events space which is used for our horse events, including jousting. Accessibility for wheelchairs or mobility scooters is limited.

Comfort seating

Visitors who find standing difficult can use the portable folding seats found in every gallery. There are also window seats in the gallery areas.


There are four manual wheelchairs available to borrow for the duration of your visit. These are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please ask at the Information Desk upon your arrival.

Mobility scooters

Visitors are welcome to use their mobility scooters within the Museum and all galleries are accessible via the lifts.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome in the Museum.

Toilets and changing

Adapted toilets can be found throughout the Museum at the following locations:

Due to the age of the building, none of the accessible toilets meet current access standards – being 200mm shorter than recommended.

While there are no Changing Places facilities within the Museum, there is one at Assisted Living Leeds, about a 6 minute walk from the Museum. Changing Places can also be found on their website.

Baby-changing facilities are also available.

Emergency evacuation

In the event of an evacuation of the building, a Museum Assistant will explain the quickest and safest way to exit the Museum. Please follow the directions given. Assistance will be provided if required.

Parking for visitors with disabilities

There are five parking spaces provided for visitors with disabilities in the coach park area, next to the Holiday Inn just 100 metres from the Museum entrance.

To access these parking spaces:

Further parking spaces for visitors with disabilities are available on the ground floor of the nearby multi-storey car park. These are chargeable.

Free parking for minibuses is available.

We hope that you enjoy your day at the Royal Armouries.

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Monday 22 May 2017

  • The Royal Armouries Disabilities Equality Policy states its belief in the provision of equality of opportunity, and has a commitment to providing transparent, meaningful, educational access and linked services to all its visitors and employees.

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