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Conflict Through Time

As part of the new KS3 thematic curriculum, the study of Conflict Through Time lends itself to both the chronological surveys of cause and consequence, and the ‘in depth’ studies of particular turning points. In this context the English Civil Wars represent a period of intense change in Economic, Social, Political and Technological aspects which had far reaching linear and complex consequences. In many respects this period can be seen as a significant turning point in British History.

This module is aimed at KS3 Year 8 students as part of their ‘in depth’ study of the English Civil War. It can be used in conjunction with the Royal Armouries English Civil War Pack which is available to download.

Studies in Evidence

This module can also be used as a study in different sorts of physical evidence with KS3 Years 7 and 8. It can be used as an introduction to the concept of visual evidence, or as a refresher activity at the end of a unit. The extension tasks using Google Earth can also link this module to the study of Geography.

The Aims of the Module

The module is based on problem solving tasks aimed at students investigating different types of historical evidence:

Suggested Use

The following tasks are suggested ways in which the module can be used in the classroom. Each lesson is constructed on a 35-40 minute session. These short sessions can be adapted if lessons are longer.

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Friday 26 May 2017

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