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The Royal Armouries is an ideal venue to study practical application of Maths. These resources were designed by Linda Aikett from King James School, Knaresborough and Ruth Holland and Hazel Kendrick from ‘More Maths Grads’ at the University of Leeds with the Royal Armouries.

Please download these resources to help you plan your self-led mathematically inspired visit to the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

Discover the Maths around you is a Maths Trail around the museum aimed at KS3 students.
The Teacher Trail has the answers for the Student task sheet.
Before you visit has some ideas on how to introduce a Mathematical visit to the museum.
Wordsearch – an introductory task sheet for use in your classroom.
Post Visit has ideas for maths lessons to follow up an Royal Armouries visit.

Post Visit: Calculating Bullets

This is a full post-visit Maths lesson suitable for KS3. There is a PowerPoint presentation discussing the development of bullets and a task sheet for students on ballistics to consider after a visit to the Royal Armouries. Teachers can use this as a post-visit activity back in school to reinforce the development of firearms seen at the Royal Armouries.

Bullet PowerPoint
Student Task Sheet
Teacher Answer Sheet
Teacher notes on Bullet Lesson

Did you know?

World heritage

Royal Armouries has objects on loan to over 100 sites across the world including: Australia, USA, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, Belgium and Ireland.