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Loan Boxes

Here at Royal Armouries we believe that handling objects is a great way to learn.

Take objects from our famous national collection into your classroom with our new Loans Box service. We are currently offering eight different boxes which can be loaned for either a half term or a full term. Each box comes with lesson plans, photographs to link the objects to the museum, and objects for students to handle.

Boxes cost £50 for half a term and £100 for a full term. Check current availability below.

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Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking.

Tel: 0113 220 1888

Key Stage 1

It’s a Knight’s Life

available Discover the world of the knight, the armour he wore and how to make mail. Box contains mail, gauntlets and a helmet.

Rama and Sita Story Box

available Learn about Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita. Box contains story, costumes and handling items.

Knights Story Box

available A lesson in a box! Learn about knights through storytelling and handling. Objects, story and lesson plans included.

Key Stage 2

Tudors – Elizabeth I

available Elizabeth I was the great Tudor Queen, her admirers and courtiers wore magnificent armour on the battlefield. Explore their style in the court wear and armour provided.

Tudors – Henry VIII

available What sort of armour would Henry VIII wear? Learn all about Henry, and his love of Tournaments and battle. Box contains a whole child-sized suit of armour..

Key Stage 3

Middle Ages

available Discover the world of chivalry and honour with this box. Learn how to put on armour, what role a knight played in society and how to make mail. Box contains breastplate, gauntlets and vambraces.

All Stages


available What did the Samurai wear during battle? How do Japanese women wear a kimono? Learn all about the dress code in Medieval Japan, with the armour and dress provided.

Art Inspiration Box

available Throughout the centuries, armour has been used not only for battle, but for display and fashion. Use the items and images in this box for your own ideas and inspiration.

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