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Royal Armouries Museum

Changing nature of warfare

Explore military tactics from 1792 to 1945
Thematic study

In this workshop, your students will explore the War Gallery led by one of our Education Team who will help them focus on the leapfrog relationship between offensive and defensive technologies, as well as exploring concepts such as total war, industrialisation, mechanised war and the adaptability (or inflexibility) of military tactics from 1792 to 1945.

The Education team will then work with students and our extensive handling collection of arms and armour to construct their own historical narratives and develop their own interpretations of the changing nature of warfare.

The permanent display collections in the War and Oriental Galleries are uniquely suited to enhancing an understanding of ‘big history’, covering as they do exemplars of arms and armour from 5000 years all over the world.

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60 minutes

Cost per pupil