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Second World War

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English, History, Second World War

The Second World War meant that many persons were thrust into jobs and roles that they had never imagined in their wildest dreams. But, the country needed to band together in order to help the war effort!

Those that were left behind at home were not completely safe from the enemy. The Germans bombed Britain’s towns and cities, so we needed brave people to help protect British citizens. An Air Raid Precautions warden, or ARP, would need to be prepared for anything that happened. Watch the video below to see whether our contestants have what it takes to be an ARP warden. You can play along too! Then download the ARP Warden Home Learners Pack (pdf, 1 MB) to see if you could be an ARP.

After watch the video below to see what trials and troubles Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents had to go through when they were dropped into enemy territory. They needed lots of skills to help the war effort from inside enemy territory. Then, download the SOE Home Learners Pack (pdf, 1MB)  to learn more about the weapons SOE agents would use, including their own minds.


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Visit our collection online to see our Sten Sub Machine Gun and Fairburn and Sykes knife.
See this photo of a German Heinkel, a bomber plane that would have been used to attack British towns and cities.



Learning packs and resources

SOE Home Learners Pack (pdf, 2 MB)

ARP Warden Home Learners Pack (pdf, 893 KB)

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