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Royal Armouries Museum

Age of the knight

Handle armour and weapons

Inspired by one of the world’s greatest collections of medieval arms and armour, our interactive workshop will allow your students to explore the world of warfare in the age of chivalry.

Workshop content

Students will get their hands on our extensive handling collection of arms and armour to bring three key historical battles to life: Hastings, Agincourt and Bosworth.

Students will take part in an interactive siege warfare game which pits attackers against defenders to test their strategic skills and scientific knowledge.

Students will get the opportunity to use trebuchets and catapults, test shooting them (against teachers) to understand the forces used by medieval engineers.

Curriculum focus

History (Medieval Britain, Hastings, 100 Years War, War of the Roses)

Gallery links

War (Medieval)

Cost per pupil

£5 per pupil


90 minutes

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Armouries Drive
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United Kingdom