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D-Day 80: Landing Craft

Silhouettes of man and boy standing on cliff top beside an artillery gun looking over a fleet of ships in a bay and barrage balloons above

Speaker: Andrew Whitmarsh - The D-Day Story

The enormous contribution of landing craft and their crews to the 1944 Normandy campaign is often overlooked. Most of the 133,000 Allied troops who landed on the beaches on D-Day came ashore from landing craft. 

7pm to 8pm 

About this lecture

Andrew’s new book, D-Day Landing Craft, tells the story of the operational use of landing craft and landing ships across all five D-Day beaches. It includes the experiences of the British, American and Canadian crews, and of the troops they carried. It also examines the many different types of landing craft used in the operation, and how they were built in both the UK and North America. In the lead-up to D-Day the Allies never seemed to have enough landing craft, and their availability and production was regularly discussed by the top Allied leaders.


This lecture will take place at Fort Nelson.

Tickets cost £7.50 and include parking and light refreshments.

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