The Hundred Years War: A Century of Conflict Re-evaluated

Date: Saturday 29 September 2012
Venue: Tower of London
Registration closes 5.30pm Wednesday 26th September

Fought between the rival kingdoms of England and France, the Hundred Years’ War was one of the most significant conflicts of the later middle ages. Rival dynastic and territorial claims surrounding the French crown resulted in a series of bitter wars fought both on land and at sea between 1337 and 1453.

The legacy of the wars is manifold. They established the martial reputations of leading personalities including Edward the Black Prince, Henry V, and Joan of Arc which continue to resonate in the public mind to the present day; and the reputation of English arms through the successful use of the longbow in the key battles of Crécy, Poitiers and Agincourt.

Bringing together some of the principal historians of the 14th and 15th centuries this conference will offer fresh new insights into our traditional interpretation of the conflict. In an exciting series of papers they will explore crucial concepts such as kingship, chivalry, parliament and public opinion, prisoners, land and naval warfare, arms and armour, and technology.


Kingship in the Hundred Years War

Dr David Green – Harlaxton College, Grantham

French chivalry and martial culture in the Hundred Years War

Dr Craig Taylor – University of York

Parliament, the Crown and the wider public in the Hundred Years War

Dr Gwilym Dodd – University of Nottingham

The price of freedom: Ransoms and prisoners in the Hundred Years War

Dr Remy Ambuhl – University of Southampton

Garrison soldiers in the 15th-century phase of the Hundred Years War

Professor Anne Curry – University of Southampton

Mariners and armed retinues in naval operations during the Hundred Years War, 1338–95: Recruitment and ship-board hierarchies

Dr Craig Lambert – Hull University

Arms, armor and archery: Did technology determine victory and defeat at the battle of Agincourt?

Professor Kelly DeVries – Loyola University, Maryland

The supply of arms and armour through the privy wardrobe in the Tower in the 14th century

Thom Richardson – Royal Armouries, Leeds

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Dr Malcolm Mercer
Bridget Clifford


Places are limited to 100 delegates

Full: £65 includes lunch and refreshments
Concessions (60+, students, unemployed): £55 includes lunch and refreshments


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T: 0113 220 1888

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