Dates: 28 March – 5 October 2014
Location: Tournament Gallery Mezzanine, Leeds

Step back in time and discover the fascinating world of coats of arms in the Yorkshire Heraldry Society’s new exhibition opening at the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds.

The free exhibition – Inspired by Heraldry – showcases a historic art dating to 12th century Britain and France, which distinguished nobles and knights.

The Society will display around 30 examples of heraldry across four different themes – The Tudors; Knights of the Golden Fleece of the 15th century; Livery Companies of Arms and Armour and Famous Yorkshire Families.

Create your heraldry competition

You can get involved by submitting your own heraldry designs into the “create your own” competition and the winning design will take pride of place as part of the exhibition. Your design can be inspired by one of the paintings in the exhibition or your own family name, school name or hometown. It can include mythical beasts and multiple colours or be completely made up – be as creative as you like!

Competition terms and conditions [pdf 32.40kb]
Competition application form [pdf 30.32kb]

Heraldry Workshop

Saturday 19 April
Focus on the history of the art, including a chance for younger participants to create their own designs.
Free admission

Heraldry Day

Saturday 10 May
Four fascinating themed lectures; An Introduction to the Stall Plates of the Knights of the Order of the Thistle; Scottish Heraldry on Postcards; Royal Charters and the Royal Mint and Heraldry in Country Houses.
*Tickets:*£15 (including lunch)
To book a place email