Bird of prey flying show

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An exciting show featuring a wide variety of birds of prey, including the Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Barn Owl, Eagle Owl and many more!


Saturday 2 June
Tuesday 5 June


1pm and 3pm each day


35 minutes


£2 Under 16
£4 Adults

Why not upgrade your ticket for an up-close falconry experience and handling session with a variety of birds?

Experience Tickets (including the flying show)

Tickets for a Falconry Experience include the flying show beforehand, and then the limited number of people with the Experience tickets get to stay behind with the trainers and handle real birds of prey, including the enormous and majestic golden eagle!

£6 Under 16s
£8 Adults
Each session has a maximum capacity of 20 people


1:45pm (following the 1pm show) and 3:45pm (following the 3pm show)


40 minutes


Tickets for the Bird of prey flying show and the Falconry experience can be bought from our online shop in advance or on the day of the show, subject to availability.

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