Weapons of the World Wars

In our month of Remembrance this seminar will highlight the weapons used by those who have fought in 20th century campaigns, looking specifically at the First and Second World Wars.

This seminar includes insight into iconic weapons from the First World War, such as the SMLE rifle and Vickers machine gun. We will also be taking a look at Allied and German weapons from the Second World War, from the BREN light machine gun to the MP38/40 ‘Schmeisser’ sub-machine gun. Alongside these we will also examine rarities such as the De Lisle silenced carbine and the Mondragon rifle.

  • All of the seminars run from 10:30 to 4:30 and take place at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds.
  • Lunch is not provided, but there is a bistro and a café plus a picnic area in the Museum.
  • Booking is essential as the seminars tend to sell out quickly and places are limited to 20 delegates per seminar.


£30.00 per delegate

To book

Tel: 0113 220 1888
Email: educate.leeds@armouries.org.uk
Online: Royal Armouries online shop
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