Friday Lunchtime Lectures

The story of the armourers workshops founded by King Henry VIII

Thom Richardson

Friday 30 July & Friday 20 August

Henry VIII established a workshop making armour of the highest quality by bringing craftsman from traditional European armour making centres to his palace at Greenwich.

They flourished under the Tudors and early Stuarts, but were closed down after the English Civil War.

Many of their products survive to the present day, and the greatest single collection of Greenwich armour is now in the Royal Armouries.


Tickets can be purchased on the day or booked in advance

Tel: 0113 220 1866
Tickets: £3.50 per person
Time: 1.00pm – 1.45pm

Thom Richardson is Keeper of Armour at the Royal Armouries, author of numerous books and articles on Greenwich armour, including The arms and armour of Henry VIII (2002), The Royal Armour Workshops at Greenwich in Henry VIII, arms and the man 1509–2009 (2009), and was co-curator of the recent Henry VIII: Dressed To Kill exhibition at the Tower of London.