Divided Loyaties: The English Civil Wars

Get an interactive insight into life in the 17th century.

Meet Cavalier officers and Parliamentarian commanders as they meet on the battlefield. Take part in a pike drill, handle sabres, muskets and swords, watch charging horses and see cannon firing by a 17th Century regiment. Come and join in a whole weekend of events here at the Royal Armouries museum in conjunction with The Sealed Knot; re-enactors from The Earle of Manchester’s Regiment of Foot.

Activites include:

  • have-a-go at pike drill
  • handle sabres, muskets and swords
  • watch charging horses
  • see cannon firing by a 17th Century regiment

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Then why not take the rare opportunity to handle some genuine English Civil War muskets, armour and swords at one of our Hands on History seminars?

Hands on History Seminar
The English Civil War
19th September

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