Royal Armouries

Gallery Talks

Explore our world-class collection of arms and armour every day at the Royal Armouries, through talks, tours, and handling sessions from our Visitor Experience team. A series of free sessions delivered by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team take place in the galleries each day. Please check the daily ‘What’s on’ sheet at reception to find out which tours you can join during your visit.

Weekly highlights

Indian Treasures Tour

Royal Armouries has one of the finest collections of Indian arms and armour in the world. Discover the wonders of the magnificent elephant armour, exotic quoit turban and exquisite pangolin coat.

Henry VIII

Explore the splendour and pageantry of the court of Henry VIII in the Tournament Gallery. Our specialised talks and tours will not only give an insight into the arms and armour of the time but also into the drama of the Tudor Age.

Trench Warfare

Join the Visitor Experience team as they reveal the true horrors of the trenches in this talk and interactive handling session. Get up close and handle weapons that were used by British, German and American soldiers during the “war to end all wars”.

Introduction to Firearms

From the 17th Century to the modern day, rifle technology has adapted to the challenges of the ever-changing battlefield. This Introduction to Firearms talk and interactive handling session examines some of the most iconic firearms in history from the Martini Henry to the SLR.

Royalists and Rebels

Royal Armouries’ English Civil War collection boasts an array of infantry and cavalry arms and armour from the 1640s. Delve into this turbulent historical period with our interactive tour and handling session.

Did you know?

Thunder birds are go!

Artillery pieces before about 1700 were often classified by names. A rare type of very big gun was known as a basilisk; a more common long powerful gun was known as a culverin; and smaller versions were named after birds of prey such as saker and falcon.