CONFERENCE - Archaeological Leather Group Conference 2014

Leather in Warfare Archaeological Leather Group

Presented by Royal Armouries

Although Leather has been essential to the creation and functioning of arms and armour since prehistory, the contribution of this material has received little dedicated study.

Leather could itself be used for protection, in shields and body armour, and was essential to the construction of the plate armour of the Middle Ages.
Many weapons depended on its use, from early artillery to the ‘leather gun’ and the gas seal on guns and air guns. The accoutrements of war – saddles, harness, clothing, armour, scabbards – were made of or held together with leather or rawhide.

This unique conference held in conjunction with the Archaeological Leather Group brings together new research on subjects as diverse as Roman military leatherwork, crocodile armour, Ayyubid and Mamluk armour, archery equipment of leather, buff coats, leather plate armour in England in the 14th and 19th centuries, leather in Japanese armour construction and leather horse armour.


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