zombie killing event 2017

Talk - The Science of Zombie Killing

What’s the best way to kill a zombie?

Monday 30th October
6.30pm – 7.30pm
£5. Booking Essential – see below.


Interactive talk: Jonathan Ferguson – Curator of Firearms, Royal Armouries

What’s the best way to kill a Zombie? Remove the head or destroy the brain?

Films, TV shows, comic books and video games have shown us many different ways to defend ourselves in the event of an outbreak of the living dead.

In the search for definitive answers to this most crucial of questions, real weapons, real history, and real forensic science can teach us all we need to know on the subject.

Join Royal Armouries’ Curator of Firearms Jonathan Ferguson to find out what you really should arm yourself with if the Zombie apocalypse happens this Halloween!

Warning: This is an interactive talk and will include a live demonstration using realistic zombie heads (18+ only)

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