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Royal Armouries Museum

Wars of the Roses

Tudor Power & Glory
11th April - 10:00 am - 12th April - 5:00 pm

This Easter the Tudors are on their path to power.

Discover how the Wars of the Roses, a series of bitter, bloody battles fought in late medieval England, led to the establishment of a ruling Tudor dynasty.

History will come to life over the Easter weekend (Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 April) as we explore this 30-year period of warfare and political intrigue with an exciting programme of live combat demonstrations and performances, talks and tours, and a ‘living museum’ where the armies of Richard III and Henry VII will meet in battle at Bosworth Field.

Military encampment

Explore a late 15th-century military encampment on the eve of battle. Walk among the tents and meet the soldiers and their entourages as they prepare for one of England’s most decisive battles.

The Battle of Bosworth

Twice a day (12.30 pm and 3 pm) the Royal Armouries tiltyard will be transformed into a medieval battlefield where we will re-enact a pivotal part of the Battle of Bosworth (22 August 1485), the deciding clash in the Wars of the Roses. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the battle, witness the arrow-storm, the charge of knights and the crush of a brutal medieval mêlée.


Try your hand at real medieval combat skills with our have-a-go sword schools and archery sessions.

Bringing history to life

Inside the museum there will be a range of themed presentations, gripping combat demonstrations, live performances and opportunities to handle objects.

Admission to the museum and the battle encampment is free. There will be a small charge for have-a-go activities.

Daily programme of events

10.45 am Wars of the Roses – the real game of thrones

Want to know your Henrys from your Richards and how a war between the Houses of York and Lancaster ultimately led to a Tudor dynasty? Discover the facts about this bloody conflict.

11.15 am Combat demonstration – Two-handed sword fighting (15th century)

Watch our men-at-arms demonstrate the use of the medieval long-swords.

12 noon The Battle of Bosworth Field battle re-enactment

See the fall of a king and the rise of the Tudors in our re-enactment of this bloody battle.

1 pm The Battle of Bosworth Field 1485

Meet a soldier who fought at this battle and hear about his experiences of combat during the last major struggle fought between Yorkists and Lancastrians during the Wars of the Roses.

2 pm Combat demonstration – Armoured pollaxe fight (15th century)

Watch as our knights are armed for battle and go head to head demonstrating the use of a medieval pollaxe.

3 pm The Battle of Bosworth Field battle re-enactment

See the fall of a king and the rise of the Tudors in our re-enactment of this bloody battle.

3.45 pm Medieval battlefield CSI

Discover how modern forensic techniques help us to investigate battlefield deaths.
Contains some images of skeletal remains

Information is correct at the time of publication. A full daily programme of events will be published nearer the time.


From 18 March 2020 our museums in Leeds and at Fort Nelson will be closed to visitors until further notice.