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The heritage of the French Foreign Legion

From battlefield to museum
6th October - 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Speaker: Yann Jarriault
University of Poitiers, Society of the Friends of the French Foreign Legion Museum

Yann Jarriault explores how the museum of the French Foreign Legion presents the history of the legendary corps, and the role its objects play in the life of the modern Legionnaire. 

The French Foreign Legion is one of the most famous military units in the world. Created in 1831, the Legion has fought in every French war from the conquest of Algeria to the war in Afghanistan and the 2013 Operation Serval in the African state of Mali. Though part of the regular French forces, the Legion has many particularities, from its recruitment of foreigners to unique traditions like the white kepi. Almost 150 years of traditions and evolution are presented in the Legion’s Museum in Aubagne, near Marseilles. 

Legionnaires often say that many people talk about the Legion, but few know it. So, we propose a dive in the history of this world-renowned institution by examining a set of weapons captured in 1908 Morocco. The talk will cover the weapons themselves, colonial warfare in North Africa and the Museum’s role as custodian. 

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