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Fort Nelson

SOE Paris and the Prosper network

The history of SOE and resistance networks in France
25th January 2023, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

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Speaker: Dr Kate Vigurs – Professional Freelance Historian

In 1942 the Special Operations Executive established a new network in and around Paris, it was to be called Prosper, which was also the codename of its leader Francis Suttill. Two female agents Yvonne Rudelatt and Andrée Borrel was parachuted into France to prepare the way for Suttill who arrived on 1st October. and the wireless operator, Gilbert Norman arrived in November followed by a second operator, Jack Agazarian, a month later.

In June 1943, having become one of the biggest and most important SOE and resistance networks in France, Prosper was infiltrated (some say betrayed to) the Nazis and one by one its agents were arrested and imprisoned in Gestapo HQ.  When newly arrived wireless operator Noor Inayat Khan discovered what happened she reported the disaster back to the Special Operations Executive in London and remained at her post, the sole contact left in Paris.

This talk details the fall of the network and what happened to the agents involved in this catastrophe.

Fort Talks take place at Fort Nelson, starting at 7pm. Tickets cost £5 and include parking and light refreshments.