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Fort Nelson

History Live! weekend

Discover the Fort’s fascinating history
24th August - 10:00 am - 25th August - 5:00 pm

The Fort has played its part in conflicts from Victorian times through to the First and Second World Wars. Find out more about its fascinating history at our action-packed summer weekends featuring themed talks and tours, craft activities, have-a-goes, costumed characters and much more.

Time travel with a First World War soldier

The Great War has meant a massive upheaval not just for those serving in the army and navy but also for the civilians on the Home Front. If you listen carefully, some days you can almost hear the great guns just over the English Channel, as they bombard the enemy trenches. Even though it is more than 50 years old and has never been attacked, Fort Nelson stands guard over one of the most important ports in Great Britain. This vital link in the supply chain, which provides fresh troops and supplies to the Front, must be protected. And now there are new threats to worry about. Threats from the air.

Our Tommy has just returned from convalescent leave, after being wounded on the front line, and has been posted to Fort Nelson. He will tell you all about his adventures in France and about the important role Fort Nelson plays in the defence of Britain.