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Fort Nelson

Gun of the month

Iraqi Supergun
9th December - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Find out more about some of the amazing big guns in our collection with our in-depth talks and tours.

Iraqi supergun

Commissioned by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and named, Project Babylon.

Covertly produced in Europe, the Supergun would have been the latest, if not ultimate, in a line of gigantic guns. Building on the German super-heavy gun that bombarded Paris during the First World War, this line traces its origins to the great medieval bombards.

Brilliant engineer Gerald Bull had studied the Paris gun and developed the theory of ‘super long range’ artillery. These tubes would have formed part of a 156m (512 ft) long barrel composed of 26 such pieces.

Two sections of the massive gun’s barrel – weighing 2.1 tonnes – are on display at Fort Nelson in Hampshire.