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Fort Nelson

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Portsmouth's First World War heroes
21st November - 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Join us for a series of monthly evening lectures.

This month’s topic is:

Portsmouth’s First World War heroes

James Daly builds an extremely detailed picture of Portsmouth’s First World War dead, down to where they were born and where they lived. Not only will their powerfully poignant stories tell us about how the war was fought and won, and their sacrifices, but they will also provide a vividly clear picture of how Portsmouth and its people suffered during the war to end all wars.

James is a researcher for Portsmouth Museums and Visitor Services, currently working on the redevelopment of the D-Day Museum. He has written two books on the experiences of Portsmouth’s casualties of the First and Second World Wars, and is co-author of Portsmouth Paper 78 on the impact of the First World on Portsmouth 1914-25. He graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2005 with a degree in history.


James Daly