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Royal Armouries Museum

Spectacular swords

An action-packed weekend of sword-fighting
28th January 2023, 10:00 am to 29th January 2023, 5:00 pm

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Experience the clash of steel as our expert Live Interpretation Team draw their swords and demonstrate how this weapon has been used throughout history.

Join us for an action-packed weekend of sword-fighting demonstrations, the art of sword play, and cutting-edge history. Plus, you can discover a whole world of swords in our five galleries – from magnificent medieval monsters to delicately decorated dress swords, as well as an amazing collection of Japanese blades.

Presentations will include:

The Medieval Sword Master
Discover the myths and realities of medieval sword fighting as our experts demonstrate authentic combat techniques from the 15th-century manual ‘Flower of Battle’.

Two-handed Sword Combat
Watch our sword fighters demonstrate the challenges of wielding these fearsome medieval weapons as they bring history to life.

Battō-jutsu Demonstration
A fascinating insight into legendary Japanese Samurai sword techniques and cutting skills, including the development of the ‘fast draw’ sword attack.

Swords of Ancient China
Get your hands on history and learn the secrets behind 4,000 years of Chinese sword-making, with a chance to handle a range of replica weapons.

Romans: Swords of the Empire
Learn how the swords used by Rome and her enemies were designed, made and used. (Saturday only)

Elizabethan Swashbuckler
Our experts demonstrate the art of swordsmanship from the golden age of swordplay and fencing culture. (Sunday only)

This is a free event but please pre-book your tickets to guarantee your visit.