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Fort Nelson

Britain needs you!

Second World War themed activities
10th April - 10:00 am - 13th April - 5:00 pm

Our 2020 programme of events focuses on the 1940s, reflecting life at Fort Nelson and the local area during the Second World War.

Come and find out how the Fort played its part in defending the south coast and how ordinary families did their bit for King and country.

This Easter bank holiday weekend we’re preparing for war.

Between 3 September 1939 and 10 May 1940 was a period known as The Phoney War, when there was limited military activity in Europe but the threat of full-scale conflict was ever present. It was a time when economic hardships started to bite due to naval blockades, and children were evacuated from cities to the relative safety of the countryside.

Our Easter holiday activities will give visitors the opportunity to have a go at the drills that citizens were encouraged to learn in preparation for air-raids, fire-fighting and blackouts.

Grab your training log and get a stamp when you complete your tasks.

There will be talks and tours and plenty of costumed characters bringing this period of history to life.

Activities are free.

Our school holiday activities are recommended for ages 5+with parental supervision.


The Second World War collection at Fort Nelson

The Fort was an Equipment Ammunition Magazine (EAM) throughout the war. The ammunition stored at the Fort was used in anti-aircraft batteries in the Portsmouth area, including the heavy anti-aircraft battery at nearby Monument Farm. The Fort is one of only ten EAMs to survive from the period.

The Royal Armouries’ extensive collection of artillery and historic cannon features several key British and German Second World War guns.


From 18 March 2020 our museums in Leeds and at Fort Nelson will be closed to visitors until further notice.