Royal Armouries

Japanese Staff Weapons

A wide variety of staff weapons were used in Japan, ranging from spears including the early medieval hoko and the later yari, to the curved bladed naginata used by infantry and cavalry. The blades of these weapons were made by swordsmiths, and incorporated the same techniques as Japanese sword blades.

Naginata (glaives)

Japanese glaive (naginata)

Japanese glaive (naginata)

Police weapons

Head of a Push Pole (tsukubō)

Head of a push pole (tsukubō)

Yari (spears)

Group of spears (yari) and scabbards

Japanese Spear (yari)

Japanese Spear (Yari) and Scabbard XXVIL.187

Japanese Spear (yari) XXVIL.187

Spear (magari yari or jumonji yari)