Data Protection Act

Access to personal information is provided under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. The Act gives individuals the rights to receive details of data held about them, to be informed why the information is being held, and to prevent is use.

The Act set outs the rules of good information handling, known as the data protection principles, and various other requirements which must be complied with by those who decide how and why personal data are processed. It applies to information held on computer and in certain manual filing systems.

The Act also established a system of Notification, which requires every data controller who is processing personal data to register unless they are exempt. The register includes the name and address of the data controller and a general description of the processing of personal data being carried out. Individuals can consult the register to find out what processing of personal data is being carried out by a particular data controller.

The Data Protection Act is enforced by the Information Commissioner. The Commissioner is also responsible for managing the Notification scheme, for promoting good information handling, and for encouraging codes of practice for data controllers.

Copies of the Data Protection Act can be purchased from The Stationary Office or can be read free of charge on the HMSO website.

1. The Rights of Individuals

The Royal Armouries respects the rights of individuals under the Act:

2. Requests for Personal Information

Anyone wishing to request access to personal information about them held by the Museum should make a request in permanent form (for example in writing or by email).

The Museum will make a charge of £10 on each occasion that access is required.

The Museum aims to comply with requests for access to personal information as quickly as possible, and in any event within 40 days of the receipt of the request, and the fee.

The Museum may ask for proof of identity for the person making the request and for further details to assist in the location of the information which the person seeks.

The information supplied will be all that is contained in the personal data at the time the request was received.

The Museum does not have to comply with a request where it has already complied with an identical or similar request by the same individual unless a reasonable interval has elapsed between compliance with the previous request and the making of the current request.

3. Contact Details

Requests under the Data Protection Act should be sent to:

Philip Abbot
The Data Controller
Royal Armouries
Armouries Drive
LS10 1LT

Please provide as much detail as possible to help us identify the information you are looking for.

4. Appeals

Applicants who are dissatisfied with the response they have received from the Museum in respect of a request for access to personal information may invoke the appeals and complaints procedures.

The first step is to seek an internal review. Requests for internal review should be submitted to:

Director of Finance and Administration
Royal Armouries
Armouries Drive
LS10 1LT

5. Complaints

If applicants are dissatisfied with the outcome of the handling of the internal review conducted by the Museum they may seek an independent review from the Information Commissioner. Requests for review by the Information Commissioner should be made in writing to:

The Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Tel: 01625-545-700
Fax: 01625-545-510

6. Additional Notes

Royal Armouries’ Publication Scheme

The Royal Armouries’ has produced a Publication Scheme under Section 19 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. This sets out the classes of information the Museum holds, the manner in which it intends to publish the information, and whether a charge will be made for the information.

Access to Information about the Royal Armouries

A Specific Request can be made for information about the Royal Armouries which is not listed in the Publication Scheme.

Museum Archives and Public Records

The Museum’s Archives also holds further information about the previous activities of the Tower Armouries/Royal Armouries, as well as information about the Tower of London, the Office of the Armoury and the Board of Ordnance.

Environmental Information Regulations 1992

Information relating to the environment can be requested under the Environmental Information Regulations 1992 (Statutory Instrument 1992 No. 3240). Some environmental information is made available through the Publication Scheme, and where information is not included in the scheme, it will be made available.

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