Suzanne Dalewicz-Kitto mounting a Japanese armour onto a display stand.

Suzanne J. Dalewicz-Kitto

Suzanne Dalewicz-Kitto Head of Collections Care at the Royal Armouries Museum based in Leeds.


Suzanne graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc (Hons) in Archaeological Conservation in 1994 and during this time worked as an onsite conservator on digs both in the UK and on Gozo, Malta.

Work placement included a general conservator at St. Fagans, the Welsh Folk Museum and as an organics conservator for the National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside (NMGM). After a stint as a volunteer with Chester Archaeological Unit, NMGM employed her as a full time metals conservator from 1995 until 2001, working on a wide range of objects that included; European and Japanese arms and armour.

Whilst in this position she had the opportunity to work as an onsite conservator in Syria on behalf of Nottingham University. In 1999 she worked on the collection of the King’s Regiment Museum, Liverpool and her interest in arms and armour was truly caught.

Since 2001 she has been employed at the Royal Armouries and currently hold the role of Head of Collections Care.

As well as the care of the Royal Armouries collection on display and in store at Leeds we also care for the remaining collection based at the Tower of London.

Suzanne has through the Armouries been privileged to be involved in the conservation of the five main armours attributed to Grand Masters of the Order of St. John at the Palace Armoury, Valetta, Malta and also in the preparation and installation of an exhibition in the Frazier Historical Arms Museum, Louisville, Kentucky.

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Enjoy the thrills and spills of authentic medieval jousting in the heart of Leeds.

03 April 2015


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