Inspired by... Pyramid of Arts

inspired by Royal Armouries welcomes the opportunity to work with community groups to produce artworks inspired by… our collection and themes.

We are currently hosting an exhibition of work created by a group working with Pyramid of Arts, an organisation which runs sessions for people with and without learning disabilities throughout Leeds.

Pyramid of Arts aims to establish creative communities where people can build friendships, enjoy the freedom to learn and produce quality art.

The museum hosted the group for a three-day workshop in June. The group was led by community artist Kevin Hickson.

The group was asked to consider the topic ‘from battlefield to playing field’. Participants explored how sport and war relate to each other, may co-exist and sometimes take over from one another. They also examined the movement of the human body both in battle and on the playing field.

Starting with painting and drawing, the group sketched their ideas and then moved on to working with willow to create life-sized sculptures.

The five finished sculptures and the group’s paintings are now on display on the mezzanine level in the Tournament Gallery. The exhibition forms part of the museum’s summer sports- and gaming-themed events and displays, which run until September.

You can find out more about Pyramid of Arts at

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Did you know?

4 Eiffel Towers

During the siege of Sebastopol the British fired about 10,000 tonnes of iron shot; the French fired 510,000 round shot, 236,000 howitzer shells and 350,000 mortar shells – a total of around 43,000 tonnes of iron! About the same weight as 4 Eiffel Towers.