A tableau of early American settlers in conflict with Native Americans.

Stuart Gallery

Europe meets America

The first of two tableaux in this area depicts early American settlers in conflict with Native Americans. This represents the successful Powhatan attack on the outpost at Nansemonds, 1609 where early settlers were using arms recently supplied to them from the Tower of London.

The second tableau depicts different mounted troop types at the time of the English Civil Wars illustrating the transition of weapons and armour. Derived from the written accounts of the personal conflict between Richard Atkins and Sir Arthur Haselrigge at the Battle of Roundway Down in 1643. The Marston Moor film accompanies this. Telling the story of the largest and most crucial battle of the English Civil Wars.

Arms on display include examples of arms and armour brought to America by early settlers, and arms and armour of the English Civil Wars including: a pikeman’s armour, with a full size 18ft pike; a musketeers equipment; harquebusier and cuirassier arms and armour.

The thistle used as an emblem in this gallery is a symbol of the Stuarts, rulers of Scotland and England. The tawny colour was worn by the enemies of the English royal family, the Parliamentarians, in the English Civil Wars.