education leeds workshops


Pupils can come face to face with history at Britain’s oldest museum, home of the national collection of arms and armour. The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds houses some of the most famous armours in the world – including the magnificent tournament armours of King Henry VIII. Our hands on interactive learning sessions encourage pupils to view our ancestors in new and exciting ways – giving a unique insight into some of the key chapters in Britain’s colourful history.

Our five stunning galleries – War, Tournament, Oriental, Self Defence and Hunting – present weapons, armour and equipment in dramatic, informative and entertaining ways, and take you on a journey through some of the most important events in history.

Our education workshops take place in our dedicated learning centre and in the museum galleries themselves. They are designed to provide a hands-on experience giving students the opportunity to explore and interact with the artefacts, whether this is examining surviving objects from the Second World War or learning what it was like to be a musketeer and pikeman by participating in drills from the English Civil Wars.