Fort nelson workshops


Royal Armouries is acknowledged as one of the world’s finest museums of arms and armour. Our museum near Portsmouth, Fort Nelson, is home to the national collection of artillery – the big guns. With hundreds of objects on display the Fort tells the story of the development of artillery in Britain and across the globe.

All of our education workshops take place in our dedicated learning centre and in the museum galleries themselves.

They are designed to provide a hands-on experience giving students the opportunity to explore and interact with the objects, whether this is examining surviving objects from the Second World War or learning what it was like to be a soldier living and working at Fort Nelson from Victorian period through to the two World Wars.

Explore the history of arms and armour with our Discover@Fort Nelson Team. They will help you and your students get the most out of the workshops and your visit to the Royal Armouries Museum.

All workshops are available Monday – Friday