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Royal Armouries is acknowledged as one of the world’s finest museums of arms and armour. Our museum near Portsmouth,Fort Nelson, is home to the national collection of artillery – the big guns.

With hundreds of objects on display the Fort tells the story of the development of artillery in Britain and across the globe.

Let this historic site and national artillery collection introduce you to the lives of the Victorians who built and operated Fort Nelson; discover how the Fort was involved in training for the trenches during the First World War; its secret role in protecting the south coast against German bombing raids during First World Two; and to witness forces in action at close quarters with our siege engines.

Did you know?

First commercial steel melting

Benjamin Huntsman of Sheffield is widely credited with the first commercial melting of steel in around 1740, using his crucible process. However, the melting of steel had long been practiced in central Asia and India and was known as Damascus steel.